How do IELTS Scores help in the Canadian/Australian PR Process?

PR stands for Permanent resident. Canada is a land of opportunities and comfort. People are judged on the basis of their work ethics and morals, due to which everyone gets equal opportunities. Thousands of people seek to become permanent residents in Canada. The country itself provides an open opportunity for individuals all around the world to reside in Canada.

Becoming a permanent resident does not mean that you are a citizen of Canada but that you are an immigrant who permanently resides in the country. Once in Canada, you enjoy equal rights and openings as any other Canadian citizen does.

To avail of the job opportunities you might find in Canada, you need to pass a test beforehand, known as IELTS, or ‘International English Language Test System.’ This test is conducted worldwide and scoring well in it makes it easier for you to go to Canada. IELTS is accepted by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and many universities and colleges in Canada.

IELTS is an important test if you aim to continue your work or studies in Canada. There are a lot of places that offer IELTS training in Dubai, one of them being Learnovate; learn to innovate.

Learnovate: Learn to Innovate

 Learnovate is an emerging training center in Dubai, UAE, that offers the best online GED classes and IELTS preparation in Dubai. It also provides training courses in different fields. Our training center comprises highly skilled people who offer nothing less than the best teaching methods. The team at Learnovate will make sure that whatever level of skill you are at when you come to us, you leave as a pro with excellent preparation.

Learnovate offers short courses in languages like English, Arabic, and French. It also prepares you for graphic designing and digital marketing jobs in UAE.

IELTS tests are conducted all over UAE almost once a week, depending on the location, this is your gateway to success, and it is always open for you! Learnovate, like other IELTS training centers in Dubai, will ensure that you cross this gateway with great success on your first try. This preparation helps you improve any weaknesses that you may have in your assessment test.


This test consists of four aspects, listening, writing, speaking, and reading. Your score must be above 7 to be eligible to go to Canada and above 6 if you want to go to Australia. Some people may not secure the required marks on their first few tries. There may be a few reasons for this.

The first problem that arises is grammatical mistakes. It is a prevalent mistake that is very easy to make. The experts at Learnovate will guide you through the best way you can work on your grammar and vocabulary. Firstly, an assessment test is conducted to find out how experienced you are with the English language. After that, our trainers work on your grammatical skills.

You will be guided through multiple efficient ways in which you can increase your vocabulary. In general, a candidate requires a month to master the language in their IELTS preparation in Dubai successfully.

The next problem that arises is that candidates do not know what to do in their exams. Every question has a particular way of answering that can earn you the right scores. Because the candidates do not prepare appropriately through a training center, they cannot answer the question correctly. As a result, an individual who is very well acquainted with the English language simply does not pass because they did not know how to implement their knowledge on the IELTS test properly.

Even if the candidate has all of the required knowledge to pass their test, the problem of time management makes things difficult. Due to the fact that the candidates may be under stress or pressure, they are not able to manage their time well. Proper training before you give the test will build your confidence, and constant practice will make time management a piece of cake for you!

Learnovate makes IELTS training in Dubai an easy task, and our qualified experts provide excellent guidance to you. Train for your test and acquire your Canadian or Australian PR! Learnovate training center is here to prepare every aspiring student for their future!

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