Best Pub/Bar & Nightclub Crawl in Chicago

The Super Crawl Chicago is like no other! Come see the best parts of Chicago’s nightlife and experience one of the best nights! Crawl with us as we will take you to the best Pubs and Bars and at the end of the night in one of Chicago’s Most Popular Night Clubs!

Here is your ticket to an amazing night out! Need to know the best place to go? Don’t worry we have it covered.
Come hang out with us, as we find our way into some of Chicago’s best night life!

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This is “The Original Super Crawl,” the best social pub and bar tour in the city of Chicago. We tour the famous Gold Coast – Hubbard Street and experience the night life in Downtown Chicago like no one can do! This guided tour meets at a cozy bar and stops for drinks at a range of venues including cocktail bars, Electro Lounges, Rock and Theme Night Bars. The final stop is one of Chicago’s biggest and most popular clubs to end the night with a big party! Our guides are there to show guests a side of Chicago that won’t be found in guidebooks or easy to discovered by you!

The Super Crawl Pub/Bar & Nightclub Tour Includes:

3+ Cool Bars
Free Shots
Drink Specials
Vip Club Entry (No Waiting Lines)
Games & Competitions
Personal Tour Guide

Wanna show with us? Please click the buy ticket

The Super pub crawl is always changing so we can’t list bars here but email us for any specific night and we can let you know what we have planned.
Guests must be 21+ and carry Photo ID
* we expect our guests to drink and party responsibly

The Original Super Crawl Of Chicago

  • 3+ COOL BARS

Get free entry to top Chicago pubs, clubs and bars when you join the Super Crawl.

Drinks are expensive in Chicago, so we are sure you will appreciate the free shots, one free shot at each venue. Meet up with a friendly bunch of local Chicagoans – all ready to meet new people and have a awesome time.

Joining The Super Bar Crawl costs just $50 on the door, or only $45 if you book online in advance.

You must be over +21 to join The Super Bar Crawl. Please bring a valid ID (passport or driving licence) as proof of age and to enter the clubs along our route.

The Super  Bar Crawl is the international pub crawl for locals, backpacker, students and visitors who want to go beyond the standard tourist trails and discover the very best nightlife in Chicago. We love Chicago and we want you to love it too. We’re about socialising, you’ll be part of a likeminded crowd who all want to unwind, meet new people and have a great night in Chicago.

Best Pub – Bar & Nightclub Crawl in Chicago

You might be a Chicagoan or just a visitor here for the weekend. Maybe you live round the corner, in another city or even in another country. You might be on your own or planning a birthday or a bachelor party! Whoever you are, you’ll be welcome on The super Bar Crawl. You’ll get to enjoy the very best of Chicago’s  nightlife with a fantastic crowd of fellow pub-crawlers and fun people from all over the world.

We do discount for groups so contact us.

The Super Crawl – Chicago’s Best nightlife tour!